A weekend in Sligo.

Gin clear

Gin clear

Well what a blast. Visibility in Mullaghmore has been exceptional of late. 8-10m and I’d guess 12 at one point as well. Rob was down and hit 18m CW on his dives with more in the tank I think and 3.22 static. The sun shone, big smiles, everybody’s happy. Plenty of life about and while exploring another area Mark and myself dived into a huge area for lobsters. It’s always good to go exploring.


Saturday night saw my mind blown at the opening of Magnetism. Magnetism is the first in a long list of developments at Hazelwood house.  It’s based only 10 minutes from Sligo town and on the shores of Lough Gill. The party was in full swing and these guys know how to throw one.  I was thrilled to hear they will be opening a distillery there soon as well. Sligo whiskey, yes please.

The installations are exceptional. Don’t like arty stuff? You will like these as the sense of scale and space are just brilliant. Some of it is just too cool for school. Get out to see it while you can.

magnetism vhs cascade







We’re off to Kerry next weekend with Seasynergy on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th. You can book direct with me or via Lucy [email protected] 0) 877850929

Summer is looking up guys. Get in the Ocean and have a great one.