Some of our satisfied customers.

Eoin O’ Shaughnessy: Savage course, really interesting, good laugh, learned loads! Cheers Fergus
Tomas Mac An Choiligh: Great course today Feargus, well done to all!
Mark O’ Connor: Great course today Feargus, we all really enjoyed it and learnt a lot….. i think learning how to blow bubble rings was the highlight though 🙂 Thanks a million and see you soon!


2011 September- October, Mullaghmore, Sligo and Portroe, Tipperary.

Pauliina Tuominen: When looking for a freediving course I found a lot of websites that were focused on competitions, discussing record times etc. Feargus has a different approach that is aiming to find the beauty in relaxation, breath and the experience of stillness in diving itself. After a class with Feargus I feel relaxed and invigorated, having found new territories within myself and around me, in depths I did not have the courage nor means to experience before.

Noel Kelly: I really enjoyed it and will do it again. Keep in touch. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Tim Doran: Feargus and Sean, Thanks for a really fun and inspiring course last week in Portrush. I learnt loads and I’m stoked to be starting my own little freediving adventure and getting a little scene going up here. Keep up the good work and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you for another course in the future.

Niamh O Brien: Had a brill day, thanks to you and Sean and the gang were all great.

2011 February – National Aquatic Centre, Dublin.

Grainne Gavigan: Hi Feargus and Sean, Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great day on Saturday. It was much more than I expected & I was so buzzed afterwards. You both have a lovely way about you when it comes to training& its very much appreciated when learning something new for the first time. Can’t wait to give it another try and will keep an eye on the website for further courses/sessions.

Nolan Dunne: Thanks for yesterdays course it was great. Can you let me know when the next one is on?

2011 January – National Aquatic Centre, Dublin.

Kieran Duggan (***** review on facebook) Completed the one day pool, static and dynamic apnea course in the National aquatic centre, have to say what a great course with great instructors and the centre is a very nice facility. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough, looking forward to the next course.

2010 September – Mullaghmore, Sligo.

Gar Spollen (***** review on facebook) Having completed the Apnea discovery course with Freedive Ireland I can’t wait to go back. Feargus managed to impart a lot of knowledge in a short period of time.The pool and sea sessions were really enjoyable and we all showed noticable improvment by the end of the day.I have no hesitation in recommending these guys.

2010 July 24th – Cork

Dirk Jan Bakker (***** review on Facebook) Most of us have a lot of time under our weight belts and have spend years in the water as divers and spear fishers. We could have been a difficult bunch, but Feargus soon had us focused on the tasks at hand and his relaxed manner put us all at ease and listening to all he had to tell us. He himself went down as many times as we did and he must have been tired by the time we wrapped up in the evening. I am sure the next time Feargus decides to come down to Cork and get his (webbed) feet wet each and everyone of us will make the effort to dive with him. Thanks Feagus a great day out, looking forward to our next West Cork outing………

Robin Deegan (***** review on Facebook) I completed the apenea discovery course with Freedive Ireland and Feargus in Cork. The course was informal and very well structured with a good buch of lads, all spearfishermen. The classroom theory and pool work was very well thought out and planned but the highlight was the open sea diving. Great course and great subject, thanks!

2010 July 7th – Mullaghmore, Sligo.

This day was a washout weather-wise.  The wind whipped up after lunch creating 0.75-1m waves which meant we had to abandon plans for diving-the-rope in the afternoon (which was a pity because had done really well in the pool).

Nonetheless we did what we could in the shallower waters behind the breakwater – practising the all-important arm movements and leg alignment on entry.

While not responsible for the weather, we still hope to ‘make it up to’ these good folk and bring them out for an ocean session again soon. More later…








2010 June 12th – Sligo – Apnea Discovery

Conaire McNeary:(***** review on Facebook)Thanks for a great day on Saturday Feargus I really enjoyed it. I purchased a Cressi Minima mask and Cressi Corsica snorkel today and can’t wait to try them out. Just wondering what fins you would recommend? I am thinking of going for a pair of Cressi Gara 3000 LD fins, have you ever tried them? Thanks again Conaire.

Rory McNeary: Hi Feargus [and Sean], many thanks for Saturday – a thoroughly enjoyable day and highly recommended to anyone thinking of taking future courses. I splashed on a Marseille belt today and splints for my legs!! Hopefully catch you again over the summer sometime at Mullaghmore. All the best, Rory Mc.

Greg Gallagher: (***** review on Facebook) I have just finished my Apnea discovery course with Freedive Ireland and had a really great experience. The course was well structured both in the theory of freediving and in the actual freediving we done in both the sea and pool. Having no previous dive experiance I can state that Feargus is a thorough and competent instructor and is great on one to one coaching as well as group coaching. I recommend this course to anyone interested in watersporst or just curious about freediving

Leslie McNicholas: Feargus, Thanks for a truly enjoyable day. You have converted me form the dark side of forced apnea to relaxed apnea. I went to the course thinking i have been snorkelling/diving for 7 years I don’t expect to learn much. How wrong i was. The course taught me the value of doing things the correct way. It most certainly will improve my max depth and bottom time and add to the enjoyment of this sport. My advice to anyone who has any sort of interest in this sport is to give Feargus a shout. i do think to get the most from this course you need 3 things.

  1. An open mind,
  2. Be comfortable in the water,
  3. it is useful if you have some basic snorkelling skills ( not all together nessessary)

Well done Feargus on a good course which was well run.