Impossible Goals

That’s what seems to be required in today’s world of business and industry and that’s exactly what we teach.

Head down to the depths.

Head down to the depths.

Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Seth Godin, many of us have listened to and valued the ideas these guy’s put forward. Maybe you have listened to them in the car or attended some of their seminars. Have you ever attended something where you actually did in practice what you were learning about? If you have I am sure you remember it. Humans learn by doing not just by reading or hearing about it.

On our Impossible Goals day you and or your team set a seemingly impossible goal. Plan how you are going to achieve it and then actually put the rubber to the road and attempt it. So far around 95% of my students do what they thought earlier in the day was impossible. The other 5% need to come back to me.

It’s a full day but both a relaxing and tiring one. Ideally you come to our classroom in Mullaghmore, Co.Sligo or if you prefer we can come to you. I value your time and your financial commitments and that’s why I make this promise, if you aren’t happy by the end of the day, don’t pay me. That put’s most of the risk on me but I understand you still have the cost of your team being away from the office for the day. Short of paying you to come to me I can’t put it fairer than that.

To book your team in or get more information please drop me a mail
Heres a couple of testimonials from people there on the day.

Adrian Haines, Haines of Birr Thanks for a great day in Mullaghmore,You both did a great job of getting us used to the concept of freediving. I really enjoyed the breathing and stretching exercises. You both instilled great confidence in me that I could do this. A great sense of achievement.

Frank Kelly, The book Nest, Sligo,:  Freediving on Friday in Mullaghmore was a life changing experience, wonderful day great people, thanks to Padraic for organising it and Feargus and Sean for your guidance and support.

Patricia o Donnell. POD Financial services: Freediving in Mullaghmore last Friday was absoloutly wonderful, not to mention the fun we had getting in and out of those wetsuits, an experience never to be forgotten. A huge thank you to Feargus and Sean for thier patience and great spirit. Equally thanks to Padraic for co-ordinating the Smachtees.