stress reduction kitStress is possibly the biggest challenge facing people in both their professional and personal lives.

As you read this your brain is in beta mode and operating at about 14 cycles per second. Because life in modern western society has become super stress full with always on connectivity we rarely if ever get below this until we finally sleep. Then our brains should kick down to Theta at about 5-7 cycles per second during deep and peaceful sleep. We can and should try to go in between these as regular as we can to give our brains a well deserved break.


This is in Alpha mode and about 8-12 cycles per second. This is where you feel like you are half asleep and a minute feels like an hour or conversely an hour like a minute. Our concept of time does not exist. The funny thing is we can get some of our best ideas during or after this session of “meditation”. That’s because its really our subconscious that is now operating. This is how we “should” relax but ask anyone living in Ireland how they relax and they will say the usual, go to the pub, read a book, call to friends, play golf or watch TV.

Students relaxing

Students relaxing

Sleep, relaxation and pastimes are                three different things.

After proper relaxation we feel reinvigorated, refreshed and de-stressed. I think we all are aware that Eastern philosophy has known and used this for a long time and it’s only now in the high pressure world of top sport athletes and science that its making it’s way into our culture. The world of freediving has known and used these techniques since the days of Jaque Mayol in the 70s and 80s (famous from the film The big blue). Now myself and many of my colleagues worldwide use the techniques of conscious breathing and in water relaxation to help you get to that place.

If you have read this far you are probably interested so please drop me a mail if you want to explore this for you and your team. It doesn’t cost the earth and you can come here to spectacular Sligo or we can come to you.